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My contributions to the 2023 Staunton Legislative Program

Staunton's Legislative Program for 2023 is an annual document that represents Staunton’s list of priorities for the Virginia General Assembly session beginning in January 2023.  This formal document is sent to our Virginia General Assembly members to help guide them in proposing and voting for legislation. I sent the following comments to the Staunton City Council in preparation for the public City Council Meeting for consideration and approval of the document.  I used the 2022 Staunton Legislative Program as a guide.   First Responders I support this section as detailed in the 2022 Staunton Legislative Program except: also specifically include the 2018 Legislation link and include Police as a First Responder. Plastics Recycling Facility I support this section from the 2022 Staunton Legislative Program except that the term “Plastic Recycling Facility” needs to be defined.  It is unclear if that term means a plastic collection center (like the Gypsy Hill Park center) or a plant tha
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The Staunton Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Democrat at the Staunton Democratic Committee Tuesday Coffee at Serendipity Java Bar and Eatery in Staunton.  During the course of many cups of coffee and discussion I found out that he was a member of The Staunton Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission (DEI). I then attended the next meeting of the DEI Commission at 10 AM on 8/17/22 (there were 2 other DEI meetings for different subcommittees that day that I could not attend).    From the DEI website “The  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission is initially charged with objectively evaluating existing data, studies, and reports from available sources concerning social and racial equity in the City of Staunton that evaluate social determinates and inequitable outcomes within the City.” That is quite a mouthful but the goal of the DEI is to find out (using a variety of methods such as examining currently available research data, collecting more primary data from the community, so


 Greetings, In this blog "Community Voices" the Staunton Democrats hope to soon publish content from users and organizations from the Staunton area that have a unique perspective on life and where they fit into the American melting pot.   There are many voices that are not often heard so we hope to help them ! Stay tuned !